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Introducing: Martyna

Martyna is a Surrey based graphic designer and illustrator whose work focuses on curious compositions, bold colours and shapes. Martyna loves to explore and recreate the seemingly mundane aspects of human life. Her work also focuses on wellbeing and mental health, and always brings a smile to our faces. We got in touch with Martyna to find out more about the face behind the prints. 



How did you get started?

I really pushed myself to jump in and put time and thought into my illustration work during a few months of interning after I graduated university. I wanted to make sure I still had time outside of work to create.


What motivates you?
I find that boredom can actually be really motivating, which is great during lockdown.


What do you wish you’d known when you started out?
Back aches are real and I should definitely invest in a desk.
I used to feel like I could work anywhere, but now I believe that it’s beneficial not just for your physical health, but also mental health to have a good workspace setup, minimising back pain as well as being able to separate work and personal life.




What tools do you use to promote your business?
Mostly Instagram but also The Dots is ace!


Why did you choose to print with PRINT.WORK?
The team is super friendly and helpful and I wanted to print small runs!


What’s the best business advice you’ve ever received?
To do what feels right to you and not just follow trends.

Martyna's Favourite PRINT.WORK Products:


Favourite small businesses?
So many! @thediysupermarket have fab small businesses in stock! I’m a huge fan of @paperboylondon also!


Last but not least, anything you would like to promote?
My prints can be purchased through my store here, and I’m all ears for commissions/collabs on


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