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Introducing: Reyt Good Illustration

Inspired by his biggest love- his home city of Sheffield- Andy took the plunge a few years ago and left his marketing job to explore his creative passions and launch Reyt Good Illustration. His work focuses on some of the things most important to him; such as travel, music, and sports. We got in touch to find out more about his dive into the world of illustrations.

How did you get started? 

I left my job and just went for it. I moved back to my parents and worked from their kitchen table that was just over 2 years ago. I now have a studio and a separate shop, and business is great!  

What motivates you?

Doing what I love everyday motivates me. It’s such a blessing and I never take it for granted. I always say it’s not a proper job even though it’s the hardest I’ve ever worked, but that’s only because I love every second of it.

What do you wish you’d known when you started out? 

I feel like I learned a lot whilst working in marketing, and that prepared me for the business side of what I do. I had a very clear vision when I started. There’s always unexpected things that will crop up, but there isn’t really much you can do about those things.


What tools do you use to promote your business? 

I mainly use Instagram. I feel Instagram allows you to put your personality across and allows people to really get a feel for what you do and who you are. 

What’s the best business advice you’ve ever received? 

Always ask yourself why. Why are you doing it that way, why are you doing it at that point in time? Allowing yourself to stop and think and actually ask yourself why makes whatever you’re doing more productive and effective. 


Why do you choose to print with PRINT.WORK?

I’d say the main thing is the constant level of quality. You always know what you’re getting and you know it’s going to be high quality. 

Favourite small businesses and why? 

Hally Designs – his passion for what he does really comes across.

Albie’s Coffee – amazing, friendly people and great coffee in great surroundings.

Pocket Knife Consultant –  Cara works tirelessly to support her clients and to help them grow. 

Glass Onion – they’re ethically motivated and just have the best range of vintage going!

Anything you want to promote? 

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