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Homeless deaths in Leeds reached a record high at the beginning of the year. As more people sleeping on the streets are struggling to receive essential housing and wellbeing support, this number is only set to rise unless more people reach out and offer whatever support they can. In the spirit of the festive season, we want to offer our support to those sleeping on the streets this Christmas. 

That’s why this month we’re offering our support to Homeless Street Angels.

Who are Homeless Street Angels?

HSA are a Leeds based charity working alongside Leeds City Council to re-house homeless individuals, as well as provide much needed food and support. The volunteers of HSA provide a safe, warm, and non-judgemental environment where those affected by homelessness can get the support they need. 

What do Homeless Street Angels do?


HSA provide weekly outreach within Leeds city centre, offering clothing, toiletries, and hot food and drinks to all those living on the streets. As well as the essentials, volunteers also provide some much needed companionship and compassion to those who are often overlooked.

As well as outreach, HSA also support their clients in finding housing and building skills that work towards enhancing their future. They also work within communities to reduce the stigma surrounding homelessness and break common stereotypes.

How did they get started?

Homeless Street Angels were founded back in 2016 by twins Becky and Shelley. Having experienced the hardships of homelessness first hand, Becky and Shelley wanted to offer the kind of support homeless individuals were desperately lacking. They knew that homeless people were capable of change, and could only achieve their full potential if offered a safe and empowering, non-judgemental environment. One of their main goals for HSA is to open a day centre where they can continue to offer support on a daily basis. Their plan is to name the centre Abi House after their departed sister.

How can you get involved?

As well as donating much needed supplies such as clothing, toiletries, and food, you can also get involved by signing up for HSA’s amazing outreach programme. Each week their volunteers head out onto the streets of Leeds and hand out hot food and supplies to the homeless. Not only does this provide their clients with the supplies they need, but their outreach is essential in providing a sense of companionship to those that need it. 

If you’re Leeds based and would like to get involved, you can sign up to volunteer here.

Thank you Homeless Street Angels!


We wanted to take this opportunity to thank HSA for the amazing work they’re doing. Some of us at P.W had the opportunity to join one of their weekly outreach programmes and see firsthand some of the work they do. The support offered by HSA to homeless individuals is incredible, and they’re working tirelessly to create a great support network for those living on the street. Thank you HSA for your kindness and compassion!

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