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With the summer holidays coming to an end, September can be a liminal time full of changes both for people pursuing higher education and those exploring life outside of the school system. Growing up comes with exciting new opportunities, but it can also have some difficult challenges, and we want to make sure young people have the help they need to tackle life head on.

That’s why last month we reached out to The Mix to offer our support via PRINT.WORK’s charity project.


Who are The Mix? 

The Mix are a digital charity that aim to support young people in all areas of life, whether they’re seeking advice regarding mental health, sex and relationships, money, or employment. As well as their helpline, counselling services, and online chat support, The Mix also provide a range of digital content created by and for young people to provide advice on a wide variety of issues and subjects. 

How did they get started?

The Mix was born from a merger between YouthNet and Get Connected back in 2016. With young people at the heart of both charities, they joined together to expand on the range of services they were able to offer, as well as continuing their services as independent charities. The Mix are also one of eight partners working with The Royal Foundation campaigning to challenge mental health stigmas. 

What do The Mix do?

The Mix offer a range of free and confidential multi-channel services, including helpline services, video content, and peer support. Growing up, young people are faced with a wide range of new challenges and issues, and The Mix believe in providing support for everyone who may need it, no matter the subject. Some of the issues they provide support for include: 

  • Sex & relationships
  • Mental Health
  • Money & Housing
  • Work & Study
  • Your Body & Health
  • Alcohol & Drugs

As well as their amazing range of online support, The Mix also conduct case studies and research alongside both young people and professionals to delve deeper into the issues facing young people today. This research helps them and other charities working with young people to better understand the challenges racing under 25s and how the support offered can be developed and expanded upon as our world changes. 

How can you get involved with The Mix?

We understand that not everyone is in a position to help charities with monetary donations, so we asked The Mix how best people can get involved with the work they do and offer whatever support they can. For anyone interested in working with The Mix, they have a superb range of ways you can volunteer with them, including peer support, helpline volunteers, and content creation. See their full range of opportunities here.

Thank you The Mix!

Chatting to Molly and Abisola from The Mix was a great opportunity, and we at P.W feel so lucky to get the chance to work with such an amazing charity. We wanted to say a big thank you to them and everyone at The Mix for all the necessary work they’re doing! The compassion and care they have for young people is absolutely essential to providing their audience with the support they need. Thank you to The Mix!