Foiled Invitations

Elegant gold and silver foil invitations to wow your guests

Available in a wide range of sizes from A5 to DL, and in all of our paper stocks and weights, you can really make these your own. Foiling adds a touch of class to names, dates and small elements of the design.

After something fancy for your wedding invitations? Perlino Cotton might be just the thing? Queen of the party and inviting half the town? Unicorn White might be the affordable option for bigger orders.

Whatever the occasion, make it unmissable with the finest invites around.

  • Artwork elements for foiling should be supplied as a separate PDF layer (in black only)
  • The Foil layer is printed first before returning to the press for CMYK colour. There is a registration tolerance of 1mm so it is best to include a ‘safe area’ of at least 2mm between CMYK elements and foiled elements.
  • If you do require CMYK and foil together, try to overlap any areas where CMYK ink meets the foil layer by at least 1mm to allow for any tolerances in the print process.
  • Over printing the foil layer with a CMYK tint is possible and can alter the shade of the foil with some fantastic results.

Digital Foiling works by adding a very thin layer of aluminium foil over the top of black toner ink with heat and pressure. The foil is transported with a polyester release liner which, when used, is taken back by our supplier’s recycling programme.

Once the foil is added, the page is returned to the printing press to add any CMYK colours required.

Uncoated papers with foil embellishment can be recycled as the layer of foil is separated from paper pulp in the de-inking process so you can make it classy and keep it eco.

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Foiled Invitation

Let it shine!

What is a party without sparkle? So why not add some to the invite too?

Our foiled invites allow you create a shining thing of beauty, a glittering beacon announcing the party of the century, a sparkling jewel in an otherwise dull social calendar,  and it’s bound to have even the biggest home bird counting down the days.

So if its an elegant wedding invite you want to add some shimmer to, or your 50th birthday bonanza you want to add a splash of glitz to, our foiled invites are just the thing.


Our Papers

Unicorn White

Our trusty Unicorn White stock has been around since day one at PRINT.WORK. It’s part of our core paper range and is suitable for everything from bold colour art prints, business stationery, recyclable flyers and printed postcards.

It’s an uncoated stock made from 100% genuine de-inked post consumer waste, certified by FSC®. Made in an industry leading mill to strict ISO 14001 standards for environmental management, our Unicorn White is processed chlorine free (PCF) significantly reducing water contamination from processing.


Smooth to the eye, textured to touch. This is our whitest paper that we have available – although worth noting that it is not a bright white stock – it has a more natural finish, with dark flecks throughout.


  • Everyday printing
  • Full colour printing
  • Affordable art prints
  • Stationery


Due to the recycled nature of this stock, flecks may vary between batches

Large concentrations of ink can give your artwork a slight sheen once printed

This paper is:

FSC® Certified

100% Recycled

Carbon Offset

Fully Recyclable


What's a foiled invitation?

Invitation [in-vi-tey-shuhn]


The act of inviting. Shinily.
Proof of your popularity/ social standing (upon receipt of one)
Attraction or incentive; allurement, especially with shiny bits on.
The opportunity to razzle dazzle friends with your invite design skills and party hosting abilities

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