Real Wood Framed Prints

Introducing our sustainably sourced, real wood print frames. Available in a range of stock sizes and ready to house your stunning designs.

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Art by you, frames by us

Our beechwood frames are designed from scratch by us and handmade in Latvia by a partner as committed to sustainability as we are.

Complete with a natural oil finish, our frames are made to perfectly fit A3, A4, and 297x297mm prints with edge to edge mounting. Paired with fully recyclable acrylic glass, they are made from a combination of recycled and responsibly sourced materials, then sent to you using a carbon neutral delivery.

Great for Gifting

Break the limits of the perfect gift and add a frame to your custom printed artwork!

Sustainably Sourced

All materials used ensure local ecosystems remain intact and help minimise our carbon footprint.

Easy Hanging

With their easy hanging features, our frames aren’t just high quality, they’re stress free too.

Securely Packaged

All our frames are wrapped with love and care to be sent out to you perfectly protected.

 Frame away!

We’ve made all four of our paper types available at no extra cost so you can choose the best paper for your design.

We recommend Giraffe Fleck as the perfect partner for watercolours, Perlino Cotton for vector graphics, and Unicorn White for photographs.

To showcase how well our frames can complement your designs with their deep set and edge-to-edge framing, we’ve chosen Hollie Fuller’s amazing illustrations. Hollie is one of our favourite artists here at PRINT.WORK and it’s great to see her just as excited about these frames as we are.

The Square Boy

We’re all suckers for symmetry. Show off your square designs with our 297mmx297mm frames.

The A4 Boy

The classic. Not too big, not too small. Keep it simple and accentuate your designs with our A4 frames.

The Big Boy

Go big or go home. Give those big designs the finishing touch with our A3 frames, the best fit for that big ol’ artwork.

The technicals

We developed a custom beechwood profile to perfectly show off edge to edge prints. All 3 sizes make use of the 15mm face, 40mm height and a deep rebate to give the print a subtle shadow. We chose 3mm, high quality recyclable acrylic for a pristine finish, keeping weight down to a minimum for easy hanging using our milled cut-out on the back.

Commercial and retail

Our team are always happy to help, and we love receiving projects from other commercial and retail businesses. If you’re planning an office makeover or simply want to spruce up your space, give us a shout and we can sort a wholesale price list out.