Riso Sample Pack

What’s Riso you say? Why not grab one of our Riso sample packs and see what this mighty little machine can do!


Riso Sample Pack

Vibrant art prints, stand out menus, planet-friendly flyers; this machine can do it all.


Get your hands on one of our Riso sample packs to get a real feel for the character of this machine. You’ll receive some real goodies and tones of inspiration for your next print project.


With free shipping and next day dispatch, these samples make picking your next print a breeze!

Why should you order a Riso sample pack? 

The Riso boasts an amazing, eye popping range of colours that a screen just can’t capture. Our sample pack contains a swatch of all our ink colours so you can see them in all their shiny, glowing glory, along with some great print examples showing how versatile Riso printing can be. 

Whether you’re interested in single colour, two colour, or are even planning to go all out with a four colour print, our samples provide a range of examples so you can see how our inks can be overlapped. Our samples are also printed on our stunning range of colourful stocks so you can figure out the best way to make your prints stand out from the crowd.

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