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Prints on our delisted or legacy premium papers for up to half the cost

We’re always on the hunt for amazing and unique responsibly sourced papers and we’ve picked up a few samples along the way. Some we tried and tested, others are sadly no longer produced. We’ve built up a big selection of amazing quality papers in low numbers that we’ve decided to put to good use.

We’ll donate a proportion of sales to World Wide Fund For Nature who work in over 100 countries to protect the natural resources that sustain and inspire us: our forests, rivers, ocean, climate, food and wildlife.

We have three stunning papers available in lower quantities ranging from super chunky smooth to thinner weight rough textures with unique flecks and finishes. Here’s a little more about them:


Snow Leopard Fleck

A unique and luxurious 100% recycled uncoated stock with large silver flecks and fine silver particles that shimmer on the surface.

Finish: Slightly textured to the eye but smoother than our Giraffe. Sail white in colour with silver particles and flecks throughout.

Great for: Art prints, photographs, menus and certificates. Takes full block colours and darker tones very well.

Weights: Chunky (250gsm)

Availability: All GONE!




Penguin Smooth

An excellent high quality board made from 100% recycled fibres. Penguin has a smooth and very slightly grey / off-white finish.

Finish: Very smooth to the touch but not glossy, even and consistent shade with no flecks or blemishes.

Great for: Invitations, high colour full bleed applications, gift cards, certificates or art prints.

Weights: Heavy (350/400gsm)

Availability: All GONE!




Red Panda Grain

An interesting, thinner weight highly textured paper stock with a unique grain and fleck made with roughly 50% byproducts of Beer production.

Finish: Rough to touch with a grey natural white base and dense and varying sized light brown flecks throughout.

Great for: Menus, invitation inserts, lower coverage or typography based artwork

Weights: Medium (170gsm)

Availability: Low




A little disclaimer:
This is a limited offer and we don’t have any plans to restock the paper types on offer. There are no guarantees that the paper will be in stock for a re order. We will donate 10% of the proceeds of this sale to WWF.




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