Introducing: Potty Mouth

A pandemic wasn’t going to stop these two proud plant parents from spreading some leafy love! Austin and Sian are suckers for a good ol’ trip to the garden centre, but during lockdown they wondered— what if the garden centre could come to you? We got in touch with the duo behind Potty Mouth to find out more about the faces behind the plants.

How did you get started?

We recently moved to Dublin last September. I (Austin) am a graphic designer by trade and Sian works for a VFX studio in town. We’ve always had a passion for plants! We had to ship 60+ plants of our own to Dublin when we moved, so naturally, we always talked about starting our own little biz at some stage in our lives. After a few short weeks of moving to Dublin, we quickly realised that it was quite hard for Sian (who can’t drive, typical Londoner!) to do what she loves best— which is coffee, brunch, and plant shopping. I, like many others, lost my job right at the beginning of COVID, so we just decided to go for it and then Potty Mouth was born!

What motivates you?

We love having the freedom of running our own business and the people we meet along the way. Oh, and sexy foliage, of course!


What do you wish you’d known when you started out?

Little did we know we would be working 70 hours a week, but it’s all worth it!

What tools do you use to promote your business? 

Instagram launched our business. We also encourage our customers to help us get the world out with little incentives!


Why do you choose to print with PRINT.WORK?

I had used you guys through my design job in London! Your branding is fab! You’ve a wide selection of stock and you’re really competitively priced.

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What’s the best business advice you’ve ever received?

It’s probably quite basic but generally just go for it and always go with your gut. Stay true to your brand values and vision, and I think this will stand to you in the long run.


Favourite small businesses and why?

We’ve too many. We’d be here all day! But just to name a few, we really love: Organic Movement, The Kind Co, Lilliput Stores, and Fatti Burke.


Anything you want to promote?

Sustainability. Reduce single use. And shop local.

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