A seasonal addition to your store, or personalised festive gift. Why not make it a date with our custom printed calendars?

Printed on our 100% recycled stocks, we staple bind and hole punch each calendar to make them easy to hang.

Available in A4, A5 and square sizes, our calendars are printed using our lightweight and chunky stocks, giving them a sturdy, high-quality finish.

We have a template available for you to use if you want a bit of help, or you can send us the finished product and we’ll just do the printing.

  • Our calendar specification is 28 pages. Page 1 being the front cover and page 28 as the back cover.
  • There will be 2 blank pages in each calendar, either page 2 (the inside front cover) and page 3, or at the back on pages 26 and 27. We’ll let you decide what goes on these pages!
  • Please provide artwork files with a 3mm bleed around all sides.
  • Files should be exported as a multi-page PDF and provided as pages rather than as spreads.
  • Our house stock, Unicorn White, is great for stark white pages with a darker fleck.
  • Choose our Elephant Natural for warmer tones and more of a newspaper finish.
  • Beluga is great for photography calendars or if you prefer a satin finish

148mm Square 2023 InDesign Template

210mm Square 2023 InDesign Template

A4 Lansdscape 2023 InDesign Template

A5 Landscape 2023 InDesign Template

A5 Portrait 2023 InDesign Template

Build your calendars

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Want to layout and preview your prints? Order on desktop and use our artwork preview tool.


Please select a paper type to see available weights

Please select a paper type to see available weights

Keep track of the days

Even with the explosion of smart phones, calendars remain one of our most popular products. Not just a visual reminder of up coming occasions, they are a great way to display artwork and brighten up a dull wall.

Use them to show off your artwork, advertise your business or share a 12 page story over the course of a year. And because it’s yours to personalise how you want, you can make sure the dates that are important to you are front and centre. Your birthday? Put it on. The cat’s birthday? On it goes. Half year birthday? Obviously. 

What's a calendar?

Calendar [kal-uhn-der]


A table or register with the days of each month and week in a year

Any of various systems of reckoning time, especially with reference to the beginning, length, and divisions of the year.

A useful record of how popular you are, measured according to how many parties you have booked.

A count down to the next payday


Our Papers

Beluga Smooth

A brilliant bright white paper, with a smooth coated satin finish - perfect for photography prints.

Beluga is made from FSC® Recycled certified fibre derived from 100% pre and post-consumer waste and coated with natural clay coating.

Clay coating is made from natural minerals such as kaolinite, calcium carbonate, bentonite, applied using organic binders so that it will not affect the recyclability or compost/biodegradability of the paper.


A coated satin finish that is smooth and clean to the touch.

Great for:

  • Photography prints: we carefully selected this paper for its photo paper aesthetic and vibrant colour reproduction. We recommend this paper to really bring your photos to life. 
  • Full colour printing: this paper is great for high contrast, solid colour, bold prints.  


This paper produces a shiny finish, so if it’s a matte print you’re after, we’d recommend opting for one of our uncoated papers.

This paper is:

FSC® Certified

100% Recycled

Carbon Balanced

Fully Recyclable

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