A seasonal addition to your store, or personalised festive gift. Why not make it a date with our custom printed calendars?

Build your calendars

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Keep track of the days

Printed on our 100% recycled stocks, we staple bind and hole punch each calendar to make them the perfect year-round addition to your home.

Available in A4, A5 and square sizes, our calendars are printed using our medium and chunky stocks, giving them the ideal high-quality finish.

Top Tips

  • Our calendar specification is 28 pages. Page 1 being the front cover, page 28 is the back cover.
  • There will be 2 blank pages in each calendar, either page 2 (the inside front cover) and page 3, or at the back on pages 26 and 27. We’ll let you decide what goes on these pages!
  • Please provide artwork files with a 3mm bleed around all sides.
  • Files should be exported as a multi-page PDF and provided as pages rather than as spreads.
  • Our house stock, Unicorn White, is great for stark white pages with a darker fleck.
  • Choose our Elephant Natural for warmer tones and more of a newspaper finish.


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