Biodegradable Cello Bags

Package up and protect your cards with our peel and seal biodegradable cello bags

Choose your cello bag size

Number of packs (10 per pack)

Our 30 microns biodegradable cello bags are manufactured with a PLA film, which renders them compostable and biodegradable in the right environment. PLA is a polymer which is formed from plant starches and sugars and allows for an eco friendly version to the traditional plastic cellophane bag. Its versatile material means that you can pack and store your products inside these clear bags, while protecting them from dust, dirt and scratches.

Size guide

155mm x 160mm: fits 148mm Square Card & 155mm Square Envelope
162mm x 119mm: fits A6 Card & C6 Envelope
185mm x 138mm: fits 7″x5″ Card & 133mm x 184mm Envelope
230mm x 167mm: fits A5 Card & C5 Envelope
217mm x 305mm: fits A4 Print
305mm x 425mm: fits A3 Print

These are batched in packs of 10 or can be directly added to your card/print orders as an add-on.

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