Save The Dates

Your friends and family will have a hard time forgetting the date of your special day with our personalised Save The Dates.

Save the Date with something special. Available in all of our standard sizes and papers but if you want something outside of the norm we’d love to see it!

Printed on our recyclable paper stocks, your Save the Dates, much like your guests, are here for a good time, not a long time.


  • For a super premium finish we recommend our Giraffe Fleck and Perlino Cotton papers.
  • Full colour designs work best on our Unicorn White and Elephant Natural stocks.
  • If you’re more of a floral person, try out our Giraffe paper stock! It’s perfect for those beautiful watercolours and minimal designs.
  • Try Oribi Straw if you are going for a rustic feel. This paper is made from 100% agricultural waste with heavy flecks, it works beautifully with minimal designs.
  • Our Colorplan and Perlino coloured paper range works well with simple monochrome designs.
  • If you want white ink, please provide the file with a white background and the design in a black vector format.

Build your print

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Perlino Cotton Colours

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White ink only available on darker papers
Multiple artworks?

We can run multiple artworks on this product. Just add your variations and we will calculate the total price using our bulk pricing model.

Save the Date in style

Save the Dates are arguably more important than the invites- nobody saves the dates for a bad design, trust us, we know! So make sure the print and paper quality is on point with our sustainable paper stocks and flawless print finish.



But why?

Save the Dates

A reminder for the elderly, the scatty, the busy

A way to show off your design skills

An excuse to shout about the biggest day of your life

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