Super quick, 100% recycled, short run digital printing

Our Papers

All of our papers are 100% recycled and uncoated.

We offer four unique uncoated paper types. They range from white through to natural, fleck and kraft finishes and are available in a range of weights. We selected these four due to their ability to make digital print look incredible, whilst making as little environmental dent as possible.


Unicorn WhiteElephant NaturalGiraffe FleckAntelope Kraft

Unicorn White

This is our core paper stock. It’s suitable for everything from your standard day-to-day prints, through to weighty postcards, sturdy art prints and hefty documents.

It’s made from 100% genuine de-inked post consumer waste and is FSC certified.

Finish: Smooth to look at with a slight texture to the touch. White but more on the natural side with a very slight, darker fleck.

Weights: Lightweight, Medium, Chunky, Heavy

Great for:

Full colour artwork
If you’ve got a full bleed design that’s heavy on colour,  we would highly recommend using Unicorn White. Bold, bright colours will sit superbly on the paper and if colour accuracy is important to your design, this is the stock to go for.

We don’t have super shiny, glossy photo paper (it kinda goes against our uncoated recycled paper ethos) but we’ve discovered photos print nicely on our Unicorn stock, providing the best quality and colour representation of your snaps.


Elephant Natural

Elephant Natural is an unbleached paper stock with a fine textured appearance and feel.

This paper is specifically for a natural recycled matte finish and we tend to describe this as being a light newspaper colour with a very slight darker fleck.

Finish: Smooth to look at with a slight texture to the touch. A cross between natural white and newspaper, with a slight, darker fleck.

Weights: Lightweight, Medium, Chunky, Heavy

Great for:

Full colour artwork
This stock can definitely handle lots of colour, your lighter tones and pastel colours especially. The slightly off-white, textured stock gives the colour a warm, natural tone.

Art prints
Give your art prints a bit of an edge with our unique Elephant Natural paper stock. Whether you have full colour designs or have white space for the paper to show through, this stock will really give your prints that recycled paper look and feel. It’s perfect for retro/vintage artworks or newspaper style prints.

Please note: Due to the recycled and unbleached nature of this stock, shade and fleck can vary between batches.

Giraffe Fleck

This is the mother of all premium papers. A unique stock with a stunning canvas white finish and coarse bright white fleck, you won’t find another paper like it.

It’s FSC certified and made from 100% post consumer waste.

Finish: Textured to look at with a premium tactile finish. Canvas white with large bright white fleck throughout.

Weights: Heavy

Great for:

Wedding invitations
If you’re getting hitched and looking for a real nice paper to print your wedding invitations on…well look no further! Our Giraffe Fleck stock is perfect for the job. See below for artworks that suit this paper type.

Low ink coverage designs
Show off the beautiful texture of this stock with simple designs that use minimal colour and allow the paper to do the work. Full bleed, light/pastel colours work wonders, however we would advise avoiding dark, full colour finishes for this particular stock.

Art prints
Giraffe is absolutely perfect when printing artwork that has been produced using pencil drawings, watercolours or any other form of handmade drawing. Beware that the low ink coverage rule still applies, so we advise your final artwork has white space to show off the beautiful flecked texture of the stock.

Antelope Kraft

This classic kraft stock has a rich brown front with bags of character from the black and bright white flecks throughout, and a lighter grey shade on the reverse.

It’s made using 100% recycled, acid free fibres from a huge range of sources including old magazines, newspapers and unprinted waste. It’s also produced with no chlorine.

Finish: Textured to look at with a rough, rustic and weighty, organic feel.

Weights: Heavy

Great for:

Black & white designs
Black and white illustrations, greyscale photos and text only artwork looks great on our Antelope Kraft stock.

Mid tones & block colours
Earthy tones and blocks of full colour work really well on this stock. Bare in mind, the colours will appear darker on this paper, both front and back, but when carefully considered they can look great.


Still unsure?

We understand choosing the perfect paper for your prints can be tricky. To really get a feel for the quality and the texture of our each of our recycled stocks, why not order a sample pack on our website which includes all of our paper stocks and print samples.

We also offer test prints so you can try before you buy. This gives you the opportunity to see your designs printed before you commit to a final order. Get in touch via email or give us a bell and the team here at PRINT.WORK will be happy to give you some advice.