Table Names & Numbers

For an elegantly organised knees up. Make your table setting unmissable, even at the wildest party.

Table Name

The key to a good party is great guests, but the seating plan matters too! Bespoke, personalised table names are an elegant way to get the right bums in the right seats and keep the party flowing.

Our table names and numbers are designed to suit your needs. They can be trimmed to any size and folded or die cut to suit your design. Available on all our FSC card stocks with foiling options available. Get in touch to find out more.

  • When submitting your order, submit each different table card as a different page as part of a multi-page PDF.
  • If you favour watercolour and minimal designs, Giraffe paper stock is the one for you.
  • For a more premium feel card, Unicorn White is your best bet.
  • Perlino Cotton is great for full colour designs as it flattens off the sheen of the ink.
  • Elephant Natural adds a warmer tone to your colours when printed.

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An interesting little number

Table planning can a delicate task. Whether it’s a an awards night, a business dinner, or a beautiful wedding banquet, getting the seating right can be a tricky task. Put too many party animals together and the speeches could be ruined, but sit Auntie Mary next to Auntie Jane and there’s sure to be fireworks.

Why not distract your guests with our beautiful personalised place names and elegant table numbers. And if it all goes wrong at least you know your tables looked good.

What's a table number?

Table Number

tey-buhl nuhm-ber ]
an article of furniture consisting of a flat, slablike top, supported on legs, numbered

A way to feed people, in an organised manner (at least until the toasts)

to mark with or distinguish by numbers- best first, rowdiest last

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