Swing Tags

Toys, clothing, bags— add that extra professional touch to your products with our premium swing tags.

Available in three different sizes: 95x55mm, 65x65mm and A7 (105x74mm) and drilled with a hole in the top centre, our swing tags are printed on our heavy stock paper for a more premium feel, making them perfect for a variety of professional uses. Got a more bespoke size or hole placement in mind? Get in touch and we can help.

Our tags come unstrung allowing you to add the finishing touch to your new nifty swing tag with your own string.

Available on our range of FSC certified, recyclable paper so you can rest assured your swing tags are not only swish, they’re sustainable too.

  • Giraffe Fleck paper stock is a heavily textured premium paper – perfect for watercolours and minimal designs.
  • For full colour designs, Perlino Cotton helps flatten the sheen off your artwork.
  • Get cosy with Elephant Natural, the perfect paper to give you a warmer tone.
  • Avoid the crack! Dark full colours in your product tag designs may crack once drilled.

Build your tags

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Add the finishing touch

Our swing tags aren’t just a one trick pony. From product labels, to wedding place names, from recipe cards to product ingredients, name tags to event tickets, the possibilities are almost endless.

And because sustainable printing is our jam you can be confident your little swingers are all printed on our FSC certified, recyclable papers.

What's a tag?




a piece or strip of strong paper, plastic, metal, leather, etc., for attaching by one end to something as a mark or label

to append as a tag, addition, or afterthought to something else

a scratchy label in clothing

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