Swing Tags

Toys, clothing, bags— add that extra professional touch to your products with our premium swing tags.

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Add the finishing touch

Available in three different sizes: 95x55mm, 65x65mm and A7 (105x74mm) and drilled with a hole in the top centre, our swing tags are printed on our heavy stock paper for a more premium feel, making them perfect for a variety of professional uses.

Customise with your own string through the top centred hole to add the finishing touch to your new nifty swing tag.

Top tips

  • Giraffe Fleck paper stock is a heavily textured premium paper – perfect for watercolours and minimal designs.
  • For full colour designs, Perlino Cotton helps flatten the sheen off your artwork.
  • Get cosy with Elephant Natural, the perfect paper to give you a warmer tone.
  • Avoid the crack! Dark full colours in your product tag designs may crack once drilled.

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