Spread the word with our top-notch flyers! Available on a variation of sizes, weights, and paper types.

Available in light or heavy weight paper stocks. Light weight options are great for short use flyers. Got an event you want to shout about? Lightweight might be the one for you. Advertising a luxury jewellery brand? Go heavy!

Our flyers come in a range of sizes: A4, A5, A6, A7 and DL and can be black and white or full colour, single or double sided.

We have no minimum order quantity but the more you order the cheaper it gets. Our bulk discount model means you can benefit from great savings, which also applies across multiple artworks.

  • Mediumweight papers are best for disposable flyers, whereas Heavyweights are best for a more premium feel.
  • We can print multiple artworks using our bulk pricing model, ensuring the best cost for you.
  • For watercolour and minimal designs, Giraffe paper stock is the best choice.
  • The thickest of the stock, Unicorn White, is perfect for a more premium feel.
  • Elephant Natural adds a warmer tone to your colours when printed.

Flyers are zero rated for VAT, however this comes with a few restrictions. A flyer is defined as:

  •  a single sheet of paper not greater than international standard A4 in size
  • are intended to be held in the hand for reading by individuals (rather than for hanging up for general display)
  • convey information
  • are complete (and not a part work)
  • are supplied in sufficient quantity (at least 50 copies) to permit general distribution
  • are printed on limp paper
  • will either be of an ephemeral nature (designed to be read a few times and then thrown away) or be designed to accompany some other product or service, for example an instruction leaflet

Not sure if your project qualifies? Give us a shout and we’d be happy to advise.

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Include VAT?

Some flyers are VAT zero rated although it depends on the final use. Please visit This website for more information.

Please select a paper type to see available weights

Multiple artworks?

We can run multiple artworks on this product. Just add your variations and we will calculate the total price using our bulk pricing model.

Old school advertising

Promote your message the old fashioned way on a high quality printed flyer. Whether you need a leaflet to advertise your latest event or want to shout about your business, this is the one for you!

Available in heavy weight FSC certified paper for a luxury feel or in a light weight paper for a more disposable option.

Short on time? Low print run? With no minimum order quantities and fast turnaround options we can get the job done even if you’ve left it a bit late!

So what are you waiting for?

What's a flyer?

Flyer [flahy-er]


A flyer is a way to tell folks about your stuff- a product, an event, a belief system. Also commonly known as a pamphlet or leaflet.

Alternative uses include maps, event listings, manuals, instruction leaflets or for educational purposes.

A flyer is also something or someone that moves through the air.

Our flyers are highly adaptable and have many secondary uses- turn it into a fan, make a paper airplane (double flyer), or make an origami swan to decorate your desk with.

Our Papers

Unicorn White

Our trusty Unicorn White stock has been around since day one at PRINT.WORK. It’s part of our core paper range and is suitable for everything from bold colour art prints, business stationery, recyclable flyers and printed postcards.

It’s an uncoated stock made from 100% genuine de-inked post consumer waste and FSC® certified. Made in an industry leading mill to strict ISO 14001 standards for environmental management, our Unicorn White is processed chlorine free (PCF) significantly reducing water contamination from processing.


Smooth to the eye, textured to touch. This is our whitest paper that we have available – although worth noting that it is not a bright white stock – it has a more natural finish, with dark flecks throughout.


  • Everyday printing
  • Full colour printing
  • Affordable art prints
  • Stationery


Due to the recycled nature of this stock, flecks may vary between batches

Large concentrations of ink can give your artwork a slight sheen once printed

This paper is:

FSC® Certified

100% Recycled

Leaf icon

Carbon Offset

Fully Recyclable


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