Treat your beloved bookworms with our sturdy card bookmarks.

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Personalised page-keepers

Any good bookworm always needs more bookmarks! While perfect for handing out at book clubs, our specially printed bookmarks are also ideal for author giveaways, fun freebies, or even as a handy marketing tool for businesses. Printed at 148x55mm, our bookmarks are available to print across all our Chunky and Heavyweight paper stocks, both double and single sided.

Top tips

  • Full colour designs work well on our Unicorn White and Elephant Natural stocks.
  • Our Giraffe paper stock is beautiful for watercolours and minimal designs – let the paper do the work!
  • Antelope Straw is a great option for black and white printing or one colour print.
  • Perlino Cotton is great for flattening off the sheen of ink heavy designs.

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