Gift Tags

Personalise your gifts with our custom printed gift tags.

Available in 65mm square, 95mm x 55mm or A7 (105x 74mm) as standard but if you’d like a more bespoke size and finish get in touch. 

Our gift tags are available in our heavy weight stock and have the option to come with or without a punched hole. Unfortunately we are not currently able to add a string.

Not just good as gift tags, our handy little swingers can also be used as luggage tags, wedding place names, favours, door tags, garment tags, product tags or any other tagging needs you might have. 

  • Giraffe Fleck paper stock is a heavily textured premium paper – perfect for watercolours and minimal designs.
  • For full colour designs, Perlino Cotton helps flatten the sheen off your artwork.
  • Get cosy with Elephant Natural, the perfect paper to give you a warmer tone.
  • Avoid the crack! Dark full colours in your product tag designs may crack once the hole is drilled.
  • Our papers are uncoated so suitable for writing on, however we don’t recommend printing on areas you want to write on.

Build your tags

Upload your artwork on the cart page

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Multiple artworks?

We can run multiple artworks on this product. Just add your variations and we will calculate the total price using our bulk pricing model.

An extra touch of magic to your gifts

Our tags are the perfect way to personalise your gifts or to add brand information to your products. Use them as clothes tags with care information or as handy removable instruction guides. Omit the hole and they are perfect little thank you cards for popping in with customers orders.

Processing Options

We offer a range of processing speeds to make sure your order is with you on time for the big day.


Keep our planet happy by printing with our range of recycled stocks.

Full Customisation

Make your tags as perfect as the gift itself with our range of customisation options.

Carbon Neutral Delivery

All of our parcels are sent out to you via carbon neutral delivery.

What's a tag?




a piece or strip of strong paper, plastic, metal, leather, etc., for attaching by one end to something as a mark or label

to append as a tag, addition, or afterthought to something else

a scratchy label in clothing

Our Papers

Antelope Straw

A premium uncoated, tinted stock with a light, rich brown front and back and a heavily fibrous texture throughout. It’s 50% recycled and produced elemental chlorine free.


Textured to look at with a rough, rustic and weighty feel.

Great for:

  • Black & white designs: Black & white illustrations, greyscale photos and text only artwork are the way to go with this kraft style stock. 
  • Block colours: Earthy tones and blocks of full colour can work well on this stock when carefully considered. 
  • The recycled look: If you’d like your prints to have an organic finish, this is a great stock for products such as business cards, postcards and product tags. 


This paper can produce some unexpected results as colours will print differently to your print ready file. It’s worth noting that colours can appear darker.

This paper is:

FSC® Certified

50% Recycled

Fully Recyclable

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