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We’re a planet friendly printing company based in Leeds with customers all over the country. Since we started out, we’ve built up an excellent reputation for quality printing and customer service.

From personal to professional orders, all our products are printed on a range of 100% recycled and FSC papers, providing you with the ideal prints while still being kind to the planet.

We continue to build on our industry leading website and are always on the lookout for new and exciting ways to work with our customers. Our aim is to provide all your products to the highest standard achievable.

Planet Friendly

All our stock papers are uncoated and made from 100% recycled materials. Our special papers are sourced from FSC certified mills, and made from 20-60% recycled content.

Order quantities

Whether it be one print or thousands, our fancy machines can handle the job no matter the
size of your run.

Great at talking

If you’re in a print based quandary, we’re always happy to help. We have plenty of ways to get in touch, so drop us a message.

Carbon neutral

All of our orders are dispatched on a next day, carbon neutral delivery, ensuring your order is delivered as speedy and as safely as possible.

Why print with us?

One of the most important things to us at P.W is customer care. We’re real people here to help however we can, whether you’re a small business owner, an Etsy seller, or you’re just here to print a funny photo of your cat.

Our website is built with you in mind, and we’ve strived to make it as user friendly as possible, adding new features and updating things regularly to keep you in the loop.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for on our website, we’re happy to talk over the phone, via email, or on our online chat system to figure out how best we can work together.

We’re always keen to work with customers on more bespoke orders, and are just as excited to complete a fancy new print job as you are!

Planet Friendly Printing

Our core paper stocks are made from 100% recycled materials, and are sourced from FSC certified mills, making them a great planet friendly option for all your printing requirements. Our special stocks are just as kind to the environment, as they use sustainably sourced virgin fibres, as well as up to 20% post consumer waste.

We’re always on the hunt for fancy new environmentally responsible papers, and are committed to building our range of premium FSC part recycled options

As well as the paper itself, we use a dry toner press system for our products that uses inks made from organic biomass, making them fully compatible with standard de-inking processes so that they can be recycled at any plant (not that you’re going to want to throw away these bad boys any time soon).

Once your prints are all wrapped up and ready to go, we’ve ensured that they’re dispatched using a carbon neutral delivery service. Each step of your order process has been carefully considered to make sure it’s as environmentally friendly as possible.

Download our full environmental fact sheet below.

P.W fact sheet

The P.W team

The people behind the prints! Each member of our team plays an important roll in making sure you can achieve printing perfection. Our tech team, our artwork team, our production team— we’re all here to provide you with the best possible service we can.

Some of us are even illustrators and designers ourselves, so we have experience with both sides of the process and want to make it as easy for you as possible.

More Info

  • For more detail on our paper stocks, head to our papers page.
  • For general enquiries take a look at our FAQs page, or feel free to drop us a message.
  • Check out our journal for a range of handy set up guides.
  • Want to work for us? Check out our jobs page to see what positions we have available.