Sample Pack

Want to get a closer look at our recycled paper stocks? Order a sample pack and we'll post one out to you for free.

Paper Sample Pack

Touch the paper. Caress the paper. Feel the weight of it in your hand. (Bit much? Sorry, we’re just very excited about paper!). And of course, see how well they can showcase your designs.


Add one of our sample packs to your order at no extra cost and get yourself more familiar with our range of products.


Why should you order a sample pack?

Sample packs are great tool for allowing you to make a more informed decision on your paper choices. You can feel the thickness of the stocks to get a better idea of the paper weight you need, as well as seeing how the inks sit differently on each paper type.

Our sample packs also provide more information on each of our stocks, containing everything you need to know about our paper range.

What's inside?

Our sample packs contain a sample on each of our core range of stocks, across varied range of our most popular products.

① Unicorn White Chunky A5 Art Prints

② Elephant Heavy DL Menus

③ Perlino Cotton Heavy A6 Art Prints

④ Unicorn White Adhesive Custom Cut Stickers.

⑤ Unicorn White Heavy Card Business Cards

⑥ Unicorn White Heavy A7 Greetings Cards

⑦ Beluga Smooth Heavy A6 Photography Prints

⑧ Colorplan New Blue 95×55 Swing Tags

⑨ Oribi Straw Medium Die Cut and Crease.

More Things

Table Talkers

Say it loud and proud with our Table Talkers! Available in a range of sizes and paper types, they are perfect for spreading word of your upcoming event, specials menu or promoting a new business.

Christmas Cards

Add that extra touch to your season's greetings with our custom printed Christmas cards.

Comic Books

Sci-fi, horror, manga, superheroes - you name it, we've got what you need! Keep scrolling to browse our comic book options.