Circular Stickers

Product labels, price tags, logos, packaging seals, brand promo, you name it— and then put it on a 100% recycled circular sticker.

Build your stickers

Upload your artwork on the cart page

Want to layout and preview your prints? Order on desktop and use our artwork preview tool.


All round quality stickers

Ideal for a variety of uses, we can print your designs on our uncoated paper sticker stock. We offer 3 standard sizes with a minimum order quantity of 50. Your stickers will arrive on an easy peel A4 sheet so you can get sticking quick as a flash.

If you’ve got more than one design, don’t fret- you can add up to 4 designs to split across the order.

Our circular stickers are recycled and recyclable so you can stick them in the green bin, although we don’t know why you’d want to!

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