Introducing our new press


Over the last few years we’ve worked hard to produce the best finish possible with our Konica Minolta machines. We love Ronnie and Bertha (yes, we name our printers) and we’re over the moon with how they’ve helped us build our reputation for great quality printing, but now the time has come to push the boundaries even further.

We’re excited to announce our new press— the absolute pinnacle of dry ink digital print and with an entirely new set of capabilities— the Kodak NEXFINITY.

Originally designed and built by Heidelberg, the NEXFINITY is Kodak’s flagship dry ink press. Weighing in at over 4 tons and at 8m long, we’ve nicknamed it ‘Big Alice’ as a homage to our collective Snowpiercer phase, and because, well… this printer is an absolute unit.

Here’s a few highlights of our fancy new printer:

Wider colour gamut

We’re able to produce more colours than ever before thanks to some clever LED technology. Along with a fancy 5th colour station, we’re also able to improve the quality of lighter tones with a light-black option. We’ll also be adding new colours to help us achieve even brighter tones soon, so keep your eyes peeled for exciting updates!

Astounding accuracy

The new machine prints with accuracy like we never could have imagined! The registration from front to back is perfect every time, achieving amazing colour consistency throughout your range of designs.


Amazing photo prints

With over 100 years of experience in photography, Kodak know a thing or two about great quality images. All their knowledge has culminated in the NEXFINITY press. Thanks to the incredible colour gamut and premium print finish, this machine is perfectly suited to photography prints.

Longer sheets

Introducing the LONG BOY! We can now print up to 600mm long by 320mm wide, perfect for panoramic photos and wide landscape illustrations.


White ink

We can now print white ink on darker substrates, perfect for making your wedding invitations pop on our stunning Antelope Straw. 

If you’re just as excited about our new printer as we are, have any questions, or are keen to see some samples— don’t hesitate to get in touch. For any bespoke jobs using our fancy white ink or to print on long sheets, drop us an email and we can discuss your printing requirements further.

See the quality for yourselves

Grab yourself a sample pack to see the finish up close on our paper range, or even print your own artwork using our sample print option. Now go ahead and get ordering some jazzy new prints!

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